Mental Health

Order of Protective Custody (OPC)

(Louisiana Revised Statute 28:53.2)

In certain situations, the Coroner may order an individual to be transported to a hospital for an examination if the individual is considered to be a danger to self or danger to others.
This order is called an Order of Protective Custody (sometimes also called a commitment order).

If you believe someone may need immediate examination or treatment, the steps for requesting an Order of Protective Custody are:

  • A witness to the individual’s behavior must physically come into the coroner’s office to report what type of behavior has occurred. (If it is after business hours, call our 24 hour number for assistance).
  • The witness will have to complete and sign paperwork showing what behavior they have witnessed.
  • The witness will be interviewed by an investigator for additional information.
  • The witness should also report any other attempts that have been made to obtain help for the individual.

ATTENTION:  The witness can be fined or imprisoned if they make false statements to have someone committed with an Order of Protective Custody.

A few more things:

  • The individual must be in Caddo Parish. We cannot order the individual to be picked up if they are not in Caddo Parish.
  • The individual must not be in jail or in a hospital. We cannot order the individual to be picked up if they are in jail or a hospital.
  • If our office does issue an Order of Protective Custody, the police will transport that individual to the hospital. (The coroner’s office does not transport the individual and does not know exactly when the police will transport the individual).
  • Once the individual is at the hospital, a physician (or other appropriate medical staff) will examine the individual. (The medical staff will determine if the individual is released from the hospital or kept for further examination. The coroner’s office does not decide this and does not know how long the individual will be kept).