Continued Tutorship

A continuing tutorship is a proceeding in which certain decision-making authority over an individual is granted to another. A tutor is a person who is legally responsible for the care of a minor child under the age of eighteen. Children who are under the age of eighteen are under the authority and legal responsibility of their parent or guardian (tutor). However, once eighteen the individual becomes legally responsible for themselves and the parent or guardian (tutor) has no legal authority to act for the eighteen year-old.

The Coroner concurs in a petition of continuing or permanent tutorship accordance with LA Civil Code 355, for someone who is between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. When continuing tutorship has been granted, the parent or guardian (tutor) maintains the legal authority to act for the individual. While the tutorship of a parent normally would end when a child becomes eighteen, through this legal procedure, the tutorship becomes permanent or remains in effect until it is formally revoked by a court.