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Infant Death Investigations and Safe Sleep

Numerous infants die unexpectedly in Caddo Parish each year, requiring death investigators to perform an investigation into the cause and manner.

Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Investigation (SUIDI) is the name of the investigation for these unexpected deaths of infants under the age of one year. The cause of death in these SUID investigations is not immediately obvious.

Thorough investigations into the deaths of these infants have revealed a large number of the deaths were caused by the infant sleeping in an unsafe location or position. Where and how the infant was sleeping often prevented the infant from being able to breathe properly. This has prompted the need for families to be educated on where and how an infant should sleep.

Always remember the ABC’s of Safe Sleep.  Babies should always sleep Alone on their Back in a Crib. The crib should be free of any items such as blankets or stuffed animals. This is the safest way for a baby to sleep.

Caddo Coroner Safe Sleep Video


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