Caddo Parish Coroner's Office

Death Certificates

The coroner shall complete the cause and manner of death information on a death certificate based on his examination, investigation, or autopsy. Once the coroner has filled out all information that is required per LA Revised Statue, the coroner will submit the death certificate back the the funeral home.  Death certificates are generated by the funeral homes and also issued to family by the funeral homes. The Coroner’s Office is not the custodian of the death certificate. In cases of autopsy, the death certificate is completed after receiving the full autopsy report and toxicology report.  If a death was not investigated by the coroner’s office, the decedent’s physician will likely sign the death certificate.

Certified copies of Death Certificates may be obtained from the funeral home once they have been signed by a physician or the coroner. After 30 days, the death certificate may have to be obtained from Louisiana Vital Statistics.

Louisiana Vital Statistics local branch:

1035 Creswell Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana

ph: (318) 676.5201.

*A Proof of Death Letter is a letter on official letterhead with an authorized signature and is legal confirmation that a death did occur.  The Proof of Death letter notifies Louisiana Vital Records of a death. This is not a letter that is intended to be provided to families of the deceased, however in circumstances where proof is needed before the death certificate is available, Caddo Parish Coroner’s Office can provide a copy of this letter upon request.

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